The Shaman & the Shrink



New Age / Esoterics

Laurent Huguelit

Olivier Chambon

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224 pages
14 x 22 cm

For thousands of years, shamans have developed therapeutic practices that are now increasingly challenging Western medicine, and particularly psychiatry. In this humorous discussion, a shaman and an innovative psychiatrist compare their respective world visions and care techniques.

Can millennial-old practices be integrated into modern psychotherapies? Can our rational concepts incorporate the shamanic experience? Can science explain it?

Laurent Huguelit

A Swiss shaman trained in the traditions of different cultures and modern techniques developed in the Western world, Laurent Huguelit is the founder of L’Outre-Monde, a center for shamanic practices. He also teaches courses and workshops at the FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies, created by the anthropologist Michael Harner) in France. In addition to writing the Prefaces for The Way of the Shaman, Cave and Cosmos, and Celestial Shamans, he is also the author of The Eight Circuits of Consciousness and the co-author of The Shaman and the Shrink.

Olivier Chambon

Olivier Chambon has been a psychiatrist for over twenty years and a pioneer of cognitive and behavioral care methods for chronic psychotic patients. He co-created the integrative psychotherapy university diploma in France. He has written reference works on the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances and on psychotherapy.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger