The Sacred India Tarot – Premium Edition


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Rohit Arya

Yogi Impressions

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Cards + Paperback copy
Size 7½" × 5½"

New, hard-board, sturdy box design with magnetic lock
Bigger size, 78 Cards + 4 Bonus Cards
Comprehensive 350-page Handbook
Attractive cradle encasing the deck of cards
Illustrated by Jane Adams

The Sacred India Tarot will now remain well-protected in its all-new avatar

The Sacred India Tarot is unique in its synthesis of two mystical and meditational streams of world culture – the Tarot and Indian mythology. They blend amazingly well without compromising their own truths and cultural integrity. This is the first and only Tarot deck to work solely within the parameters of sacred Indian mythology – almost the only living mythology today. Millions of people daily worship, or meditate upon, the deities depicted within. This gives The Sacred India Tarot an unmatched spiritual power and contemporary resonance.

The Major Arcana depicts the archetypal forms of the gods and goddesses of India. The Indian epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, form two of the themes depicted in the suits of the Minor Arcana. Other themes in the suits include the life of the Buddha, and the great love story of the culture – that of Shiva and Parvati.

This stunningly beautiful deck is designed for readings as well as for meditation. The comprehensive, knowledgeable text in the accompanying Handbook explains the illustrations as well as their context within the Tarot. It provides insights on various aspects of Tarot, Indian mythology, card meanings, doing readings, and also includes unique spreads using Indian symbolism.

IMPORTANT: There may be some variation on the reverse side (depicting the Sri Yantra) in the deck of cards you receive. This is considered normal in the process of printing. Please note, the cards and deck are not shrink wrapped as our Quality Control department manually checks each deck before dispatch.

Rohit Arya

Rohit Arya is the author of Vaastu: The Indian Art of Placement – the first book on the subject published in the West, and translated into four languages; The Money Tarot Book - the first serious Tarot book published in India; and, Sacred Flames which is co-authored with Santosh Sachdeva. He has created The Sacred India Tarot which is the first Tarot deck based solely on themes from Indian epics and mythology. Rohit is a polymath, who writes on a variety of subjects. His interests encompass Leadership Initiatives, History and Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy, Cross Cultural Studies and Fine Arts. Rohit was involved in the training field for almost two decades. He has a Youtube channel, which deals primarily with spiritual subjects. He is the disciple of Santosh Sachdeva who created the The Eight Spiritual Breaths system, and he founded the Arya Yoga Sangha to popularise it.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger