The practical guide to fasting



Lionel Coudron

Terre Vivante

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Health, detox, well-being, disease-prevention…

Lionel Goudron is a nutritionist and fasted regularly over many years. He accompanies and supports his patients who wish to do so. His book explains in clear terms which physiological mechanisms are at work whilst fasting and helps the reader find the most appropriate technique: fasting for a weekend, six days, two weeks… accompanied by broth, meditation or yoga… at home or in groups. Fasting is not a universal cure-all remedy, and the author also details certain disadvantages, such as fatigue or headaches. However, it could relieve patients with rheumatic diseases, mood disorders, fibromyalgia or even cancer.

Lionel Coudron

Lionel Coudron is a doctor specialised in nutrition, nutritherapy, acupuncture, biology, sport medicine, psychotherapy and yoga ! He is one of the few referent doctors on fasting in France and accompanies those patients who wish to fast, whether for their well-being or for therapeutic purposes.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger