The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution



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Andrew Mefferd

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High-Production Methods for Small-Scale Farmers

Farming without tilling has long been a goal of agriculture, yet tilling remains one of the most dominant paradigms; almost everyone does it. But tilling kills beneicial soil life, burns up organic matter, and releases carbon dioxide. If the ground could instead be prepared for planting without tilling, time and energy could be saved, soil organic matter increased, carbon sequestered, and dependence on machinery reduced.

He Organic No-Till Farming Revolution is the comprehensive farmer- developed roadmap showing how no-till lowers barriers to starting a small farm, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases eiciency and proitability, and promotes soil health. his hands-on manual offers:

–  Why roller-crimper no-till methods don’t work for most small farms
–  A decision-making framework for the four no-till methods: occulation, solarization, organic mulches grown in place, and applied to beds
–  Ideas for starting a no-till farm or transitioning a working farm
–  A list of tools, supplies, and sources.

His is the only manual of its kind, speciically written for natural and small-scale farmers who wish to expand or explore chemical-free, regenerative farming methods.

Andrew Mefferd

Andrew Mefferd is editor of Growing for Market magazine. He has spent 15 years working on farms, including a year working on a no-till research farm, and 7 years in the research department at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. He consults widely with researchers and farmers on the best greenhouse growing practices, and is the author of he Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower’s Handbook. He lives and farms in Cornville, Maine.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger