The Modern Allotment – a New Interpretation



Garden & Nature

Anne Peter and Jens Ammende

Knesebeck Verlag

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16.0 x 23.2 cm
Approx. 240 pages
150 colour illustrations


More and more people now dream of having their own little plot of greenery – what not long ago would have been considered as stuffy and conservative is now the perfect compromise for those who love nature but prefer to live in the city. Increasing numbers of young people are attracted to allotments, where they can realise their dream of an affordable Tiny Home as a weekend house. In this book, the authors show how you can turn your plot into a playground for creativity, using the example of their own allotment, 20 other plots and their owners. Each garden has its own speciality, from growing your own vegetables to building your own garden house. The book is supplemented by tips, recipes and atmospheric photos that invite you to dream of your very own green oasis.


  Ideal for hobby gardeners, especially from urban areas

  Young, urbane target group, people up to their mid- to late thirties

  For creative spirits, nature lovers and friends of the good things in life

Anne Peter and Jens Ammende

Anne Peter (*1988) and Jens Amende (*1986) met while studying communications design in Düsseldorf and have worked together in a design studio in Düsseldorf since 2012 – Anne as art director, stylist and influencer, Jens as illustrator and motion designer. And since 2019, they have gardened together in their own allotment, named ‘Nyponhus,’ and documented their efforts on an Instagram account with the same name. Their private interests include interior design, travel, DIY, cooking, art and culture.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger