The Message of the Bees



Garden & Nature

New Age / Esoterics

Angelika C. Braun

Neue Erde

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336 pages

Bees are in great danger, and they are finally receiving the increasing attention they deserve. In this volume many people have been able to voice their views about bees, which they regard with immense reverence and astonishment based on their in depth work with bees. Similarly reverence-inducing and amazing are the wonderful photos in this second-to-none book on bees.

➤ Outstanding photographs
➤ Interviews with bee-whisperers
➤ An holistic view of the bee

Bees have existed on this planet for many millions of years and are thought to have evolved in the Cretaceous Age. They are reputed to be messengers from God. Now they are highly endangered, are disappearing, and the natural world is no longer supporting them. Why is this happening? What message are they confronting us with through their lives and deaths? Angelika C. Braun interviewed twelve people with the most diverse backgrounds (Shamanist, Buddhist, Anthroposophical…) and has come into contact with their views on bees and what bees have said to them (and to us!). This book also captivates the reader with its fantastic photographic illustrations which are enchanting and deeply touching.

Angelika C. Braun

Angelika C. Braun studied Communications within Society and Business at the Hochschule der Kuenste (Academy of Arts) in Berlin. She has worked as a PR assistant and film-directorial assistant, in the development and concepts of television programmes, and as a co-author for TV drama. From 2003 onward she also worked free-lance in the realms of photography, script writing and design, as well as leading seminars. She lives at Lake Starnberg, Germany.
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Agence Schweiger