The love of empathic people




Luca Rohleder


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240 Pages
14.0 x 21 x 2.0 cm

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The tightrope walk between true love and emotional hurt


This book is the follow-up to the Bestseller “The vocation for the highly sensitive”.


Because of its sensitivity, love not only represents the greatest happiness on earth for empathetic people, but can also cause emotional injuries. As a result, it is important for the empathic being not to be shipwrecked with love. This book shows how you can increase positive love experiences and at the same time banish painful ones from your life.


Overall, you will receive a basic work on all facets of empathic love. Luca Rohleder describes a personal growth process that he divides into different phases of life. It begins with the empathic imprint shortly after birth, then illustrates the first love experiences and ends with love at an advanced age. This description of different phases of love makes it clear that the life of many empathetic people often shows parallels when it comes to happy or unhappy moments of love.


With the help of an alternative psychological explanatory model developed by the author, you will learn to understand yourself, your partner and your love relationships better and the secrets of love will be revealed to you.

Luca Rohleder

Luca Rohleder became known to the general public through his development of a complementary model to explain intellectual and emotional processes in sensitive, sensitive and empathetic people. It has established itself under the term "three-ego model according to Rohleder" and is characterized in particular by the introduction of a "newborn ego". This book builds on this new perspective and offers amazing new insights into love. In addition to his hobby of quantum philosophy, Rohleder also operates the high sensitivity network.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger