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The Book of Asaph

This practical guide from Denmark’s leading spiritual teacher will show you how to access your full power and potential. Follow Lars Muhl on an inner and outer journey to the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, using a metaphorical text – the Book of Asaph – as a symbol for spiritual enlightenment. This book will enable you to connect with your magnificent inner light – the secret ingredient of Creation – and with the inner world of endless magic that waits only for you to open the door. Lars Muhl considers this book perhaps his greatest spiritual legacy. If you accept its message, you will find a heaven on earth, whatever difficulties you face in your life. When you move, breathe and live in your inner light, you will have returned home.

Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl is a Danish mystic, musician and the international bestselling author of The O Manuscript and The Law of Light. Like Paulo Coelho, he was for many years a successful singer/songwriter who studied esoteric knowledge. Then in 1996, he was struck down by an unexplained illness. Lars was put in touch with a seer who, via the telephone, brought him back to life. That was the start of his spiritual journey and a new existance.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger