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Matt Licata

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Befriending Ourselves in Difficult Times

A gifted teacher explores how both hardship and joy can lead us back to the sacredness of ordinary life.

Is healing a matter of solving a problem, curing a sickness, or making our wounds disappear? “In my experience,” writes depth psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Matt Licata, “true healing is not a state where we become liberated from uncomfortable feelings, but one in which we are free and flexible to welcome our complete experience whether happy or difficult more fully.” With A Healing Space, Dr. Licata invites us to explore a more vital sense of wellness one that does not put us in opposition to life’s hardship, but instead welcomes all experience as part of the soul’s majestic vastness.

“While there is a part of us that very genuinely wishes to heal, awaken, and transform,” writes Dr. Licata, “there is a lesser known, hidden part invested in maintaining things the way they are.” Through metaphors and teachings from diverse traditions such as alchemy, neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative spirituality, Buddhism, and depth psychology, he illuminates the spiritual journey with profound subtlety and deep insight. If you’ve found yourself wondering why years or even decades of self-improvement, meditation, prayer, or therapy hasn’t resulted in a feeling of wholeness or completeness, you may be ready to enter A Healing Space.

Matt Licata

Matt Licata, PhD, is a practicing psychotherapist and hosts in-person retreats. His work incorporates developmental, psychoanalytic, and depth psychologies, as well as contemplative, meditative, and mindfulness-based approaches for transformation and healing. He co-facilitates a monthly online membership community called Befriending Yourself, is author of The Path Is Everywhere, and is the creator of the blog A Healing Space. He lives in Boulder, Colorado. For more, visit mattlicataphd.com.
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