The Leaves of Trees




New Age / Esoterics

Peter Ebenhoch

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi

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176 pages

Healing Powers and Myths of Indigenous Trees

• Healing powers and myths of indigenous trees
• Since ancient times roots, resin, sprouts and leaves have been used to prepare valuable cures and potions
• Susanne Fischer-Rizzi presents a collection of ancient tales, legends, myths, songs and rites that have accompanied us for thousands of years

The tree is one of the most ancient symbols of mankind. The symbol of the tree of life can be found in all cultures. Just as ancient is the knowledge about the healing powers of trees. Through all ages, people have prepared valuable medicine from roots, resin, sprouts and leaves.

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi has collected ancient tales, legends, myths, songs and rites that have accompanied us throughout the ages of time and live on even today: the Christmas tree, the blessing of palm leaves on Palm Sunday, maypoles and roofing ceremonies. Drawing from long years of experience with plant healing she added to each tree a chapter on its healing effects, along with tried recipes for home-made teas, ointments, tinctures, compresses etc. These are complemented by recipes for delicious dishes and drinks such as maple ice cream, fir honey, blackthorn liqueur, elder cake or quince bread. The perceptively captured illustrations by Peter Ebenhoch underline the individual characteristics and personality of each tree.

A rich and impressive book full of precious information. A must-have for tree lovers.

Peter Ebenhoch

Peter Ebenhoch born 1953 in Oberstaufen in Allgäu, training as graphic designer at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, followed by arts studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Since 1982 freelance painter, book illustrator and graphic designer. Together with 3 colleagues he runs a graphic studio called vierpunkt-Grafik Design gbR since 1992. Numerous art exhibitions

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi degree in philosophy, trained alternative practitioner. Studied ayurvedic and Tibetan phytotherapy in India and was taught by Indian healers in America. Naturopathy practice in Germany. Teacher at her self-founded school for medical plants and aroma therapy. So far, Fischer-Rizzi has published ten books on naturopathy and aroma therapy, that have been translated into various languages.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger