The key of wilderness survival


Garden & Nature

Denis Tribaudeau

Guy Trédaniel

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22.2 x 16.5
168 illustrated pages
Waterproof protective pouch

“The key of wilderness survival”, written by the referent of the survival courses in France, in a light size that will follow you in all your hikes thanks to its waterproof protective pouch.
Thanks to his experience in the field, the author unveils his proven methods to prevent danger, but also to get out of it safe and sound when the situation becomes perilous. In this book, richly illustrated with photographs and diagrams, he addresses emergency concerns when you have to manage on your own to ensure your survival: finding shelter, producing drinking water, finding food, making a fire, controlling orientation, knowing first aid…

Denis Tribaudeau

A leader in France in the organization of wilderness survival courses, Denis Tribaudeau has acquired a serious reputation in the fiield of "extreme" adventure. A true Indiana Jones of the In modern times, he is able to meet the most unlikely challenges and take his clients on extraordinary adventures on the other side of the world. With 20 years of travel and experience, more than 1000 trainees have benetited from its expertise.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger