Day-to-day shamanic cares for all


New Age / Esoterics

Martine Isadora

Guy Trédaniel

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15 x 21.5
200 pages


Reconnecting with the spirits of the botanical, animal and mineral kingdom

This simple and accessible method of energetic care is a treasure given to humanity.

It opens the doors of the subtle and benevolent invisible world to reconnect us to the Earth Mother healer.

Along the pages, we learn how to communicate with the spirits of minerals, plants, animals. Martine Isadora helps us to reconnect and develop our clear intuition and our felt to give us quick and simple energetic care at all times. We can thus take care of ourselves and our family every day.

Martine Isadora

Author, bioenergetician, Ayurveda teacher, female channel medicine practitioner of the Spirit Medicine Healing method, MARTINE ISADORA delivers her teachings and training on the eco-site “Terre des Veilleurs” in the South of France.She offers also seminars on the themes of the sacred feminine, the sacred masculine, aimed at transforming our energies and reveal our creative energy potential in our lives.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger