The Journey of Ritavan


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Myrrha Djian-Gutenberg

Samuel Djian-Gutenberg

Guy Trédaniel

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376 pages
141 x 219 mm


And his twelve cats

This oracle deck – featuring 77 cards enhanced by Myrrha’s luminous paintings, and a booklet presenting different spread techniques – is a support for self-growth. It takes us on a rich journey through the evolution of consciousness, leading us from the human to the divine through a series of necessary initiatory trials.

Ritavan – ‘protector of universal laws’ in Sanskrit – is a small blue child who plays the Earth as if it were a musical instrument. He takes us on extraordinary, magical journeys to uncover our inner self, and find within it the right musical note.

We will travel the path of our realisation in accordance with the laws of the Universe… Based on your own life circumstances and needs, you will embark on a different journey – a journey of discovery, healing, initiation or giving – each offering the answer you seek through Ritavan’s eyes.

In each land you go through, you will discover new spiritual teachings to guide you and shed new light on the meaning of your life. As part of a vast, wonderful symphony, this oracle reminds us that each being and each thing, even the smallest grain of sand, is at the right place. We are all called to contribute and play our part within this harmonious ensemble. To this effect, we must learn to tune into this primordial vibration at each stage of our lives.

Key selling points:

  • The newly revised edition of a gorgeous oracle deck and booklet with 77 colourful and inspiring cards.
  • A synthesis of universal wisdom traditions (Hinduism, Sufism, Buddhism…) offering personal guidance to enlightenment.
  • A beautiful present to give for its beauty and wisdom.

Myrrha Djian-Gutenberg

Myrrha is a renowned spiritual and visionary artist. Painting the Light, the Soul, the Sacred, the Human and the Universe, she shares her awakening journey in her creations. Myrrha started drawing at a young age. Since then she has been in search of the true dimension of the self, beyond appearances. Her works reflect her high artistic and spiritual aspirations which she expresses through luminosity, shimmering colours and a profound inspiration. Nature is for her a revered source of inspiration, and her drawings are infused with the colourful, luminous aura that makes her paintings so intense. Her painted illuminations suggest the sensitivity of Persian miniatures and Byzantine or Chinese art, marrying painting, poetry, literature, philosophy, sacred texts… She has contributed to a number of books and box sets, including best-selling Féminitude box by Monique Grande.

Samuel Djian-Gutenberg

Samuel Djian-Gutenberg is a public speaker, lecturer, consultant, translator and writer. He teaches Humanist and Transpersonal Astrology. He has a Political Science degree and a Law degree, was a student at the Paris Institut Français de Presse and studied Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga. His spiritual search has led him to numerous Eastern and worldwide wisdom traditions. Now, he shares with us the knowledge that was passed on to him heart to heart.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger