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The “Taking Action” series develops the theme of the movie Tomorrow to bring scope for action to anyone who has a desire for action and change.

It provides an indispensable resource for initiating projects. Each work tackles the same issues – “Why?”, “Finding support”, “Building the right team”, “Starting out”, “Keeping going” and “What next?”


Procrastinate to create better. Fleur Daugey. Illustrations by Marie de Monti, 2021.

– Becoming a consumer: gluten. Angèle Ferreux-Maeght and Le Cil Vert, 2021.

– Changing the school from the inside. Philippe Viard. Illustrations by Ivan Loncle, 2021.

– Moving towards digital sobriety. Frédéric Bordage. Illustrated by Marie Morelle

– Brewing beer. Charlotte Champoiseau and Claire Sejournet. Illustrated by Teyras

– Planting a tree. Ernst Zürcher. Illustrated by Caroline Attia

– Engage your company in the transition, Édouard Sellier and Matthieu Marty, 2020

– Putting ethics in your cosmetics, Claire Sejournet and Emmanuelle Teyras, 2020

– Giving power back to your money, Julien Vidal, illustrations by Le Cil Vert, 2020

– Cooking simple and good, Gilles Daveau and Bruno Coudercand Fanny Coutin, 2019.

– Daring to speak up, Aurore Debierre. Illustrated by Lauranne Quentric, 2019.

– Understanding children to better educate, Isabelle Peloux and Étienne Friess, 2019.

– Rethinking our rituals: marriage, Nelly Pons. Illustrated by Évelyne Mary, 2019.

– Getting to know vegetables, Xavier Mathias. Illustrated by Cécilia Pepper, 2019.

– Advancing your permaculture vegetable garden, Xavier Mathias and C. Pepper, 2018.

– Creating your natural home pharmacy, Sylvie Hampikian and Valentina Principe, 2018.

– Becoming a consom’actor. Palm oil, Emmanuelle Grundmann and A. Barman, 2018.

– Choosing a solidarity vacation, Véronique Bury and Philomène Longchamp, 2018.
– Discovering organic and natural wines, Olivier Le Naire and Zoé Thournon, 2018.

– Reenchanting death, Youki Nattier. Illustrated by Marie Belorgey, 2018.

– Montessori at home, 0-3 years, Nathalie Petit. Illustrations by Virginie Maillard, 2017

– Montessori at home, 3-6 years, Nathalie Petit. Illustrated by Pauline Amelin, 2019.

– Montessori at home, 6-9 years, Nathalie Petit. Illustrated by Pauline Amelin, 2020

– Montessori at home, 9-12 years, Nathalie Petit. Illustrated by Pauline Amelin, 2018.

– Montessori at home, 12-15 years. Nathalie Petit. Illustrations by Pauline Amelin, 2021.

– Meditate then act, Youki Vattier. Illustrations by Lisa Zordan, 2017

– Starting a permaculture vegetable garden, Nelly Pons and Pome Bernos, 2017

– Celebrating without destroying the planet, Emmanuelle Vibert and Le Cil Vert, 2017

– Repairing our objects together, Aude Raux and Himbert and J.-J. Arnoux, 2017

– Choosing to slow down, Nelly Pons. Illustrations by Pome Bernos, 2017

– Less car to go to work, Corentin Le Martelot. Illustrations by Younn Locard, 2017

– Eating less (and better) meat, Gilles Daveau. Illustrations by Étienne Friess, 2017

– Renovating an old building, Agnès Galletier. Illustrations by Pome Bernos, 2017


Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger