The Healing Power Of Christian Rituals And Symbols


New Age / Esoterics


Gertrud Weidinger

Norbert Weidinger

Mankau Verlag

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214 pages
Softcover with gatefolds

Find meaning – come to rest – experience healing

Since the beginning of human history, symbols have represented the polarities of life. They touch our innermost being whose depth can be experienced in rituals. Christian symbols and rituals have their origin in God, the friend of life (Solomon/Wisdom 11:26), who cares about the well-being of people. They thus prove to be a practical means for emotional support, and their healing effect has been confirmed by current research.

Starting from our everyday experiences, the authors begin their search of supporting, life-affirming symbols and rituals that appeal to us as seekers of meaning and Christians. Their approach is for us to use our senses to find meaning: starting from everyday encounters, they recite human experiences summed up in proverbs and sayings and end up with the Christian meaning.

The guidebook is intended for believers and non-believers alike who are seeking to add depth to their lives and would like to rediscover the inspiring field of symbols and rituals and their healing powers.

Gertrud Weidinger

Gertrud Weidinger worked as a teacher in primary and secondary schools, focusing in particular on developing the individual potential of her pupils, providing language training for migrants, as well as on music and exercise. She also completed five year training as a speech therapist according to Viktor E. Frankl and as a coach with a focus on teacher support. She has gained a wealth of experience as a consultant in the training and further education of young people, parents, families, teachers and priests throughout the German-speaking world.

Norbert Weidinger

Dr. Norbert Weidinger spent five years living as a monk of the Münsterschwarzach abbey during his studies of Catholic theology and educational sciences. During this time, he was also instructed in Zen Buddhism. After a teaching assignment at Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians University, he took over the management of the Religious Education Centre in Bavaria, focusing on the dialogue of religions, ecumenism, liturgy, teacher health as well as forms of meditation and prayer.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger