Bob Hillary

Watkins Nourish

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HB 163 x 127 mm
Mono Illustrations

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How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad

Refreshingly short, simple and with tools and practical suggestions throughout, Simplify offers 21 Earth Warrior practices to help us live more consciously and in a more connected way in order to cope with the ever increasing pace of modern life. Five years ago Bob Hilary decided to up sticks and explore living off grid in a yurt in the Welsh mountains: this book is the result of what he learned from that experience.

Simplify draws on the principles of “Slow Living”, Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole. It emphasises downscaling, re-wilding, un-teching and finding and doing things that are free. These philosophies provide a framework for the 21 practices Bob shares in this book. This is a manual for modern times, a guide to creating positive action, walking the right path and making the right choices.

Bob Hillary

Bob Hilary is a musician and writer. He is signed to a well-known record label and has released four albums to an international fan base. He has played at Glastonbury Festival and tours the alternative, spiritual music festival scene in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.
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