The great turn of humanity


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Philippe Guillemant

Guy Trédaniel

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323 pages
160 x 230 mm

What NEW FUTURE are we heading for?

Philippe Guillemant’s new book explains the period we are living in and the future we are preparing.

The year 2020 will go down in history as the beginning of a great transformation and change of course for humanity.

The appearance of the virus has initiated a real positive change in our collective future. Most of the strange coincidences, foolish actions and absurd mistakes that have marked the crisis are signs of an old future – the messy one – that is gradually disintegrating, as if in panic.

This future had been in place for a very long time, created by the dominant materialist view that human beings can be reduced to biological machines.

However, thanks to advances in physics, this vision has gradually been challenged, giving way to a new paradigm leading to a new future in which human beings have regained their soul and the extraordinary potential of his consciousness.

The author explains this exciting new worldview. He makes the link between previously unexplained phenomena such as I.M.E. and synchronicities.

He explains the meaning of life and, above all, the foundations on which to build our new future, according to a model whose key words are: autonomy, resilience and solidarity.

Key selling points:

– Philippe Guillemant is the author of the best-sellers “Le Pic de l’esprit” (9,000 copies) and “La Physique de la conscience” (14,000 copies), published by the same publisher.

– A new vision of the world we are creating.

– Already 10,000 copies sold since the publication in May 2021

Philippe Guillemant

Philippe Guillemant is a French physicist engineer from the CNRS, graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris and qualified to direct research. A specialist in chaos and artificial intelligence, his work has led to numerous innovations that have earned him several awards. He is the author of the Double Causality Theory, a model of space-time evolution that restores free will, gives a rational explanation of synchronicity and leads to a real "bridge" between Science and Spirituality.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger