Wolf and its mystery



Christophe Levalois

Guy Trédaniel

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262 pages
Black and White

For tens of thousands of years, human beings have had a special and privileged relationship with wolves. There has been a mysterious fascination with the wolf since time immemorial. Why? How has it evolved? These are the questions that this illustrated, clear and precise book explores and sheds light on, offering us a great journey into the history of human societies, from prehistory to the present day. For this purpose, Christophe Levalois brings together traditions, myths and legends, symbols, stories, amazing representations and practices, as well as scientific and archaeological discoveries and historical facts. Examples of topics covered: The wolf in myths and legends. The birth of the dog. Wolf people and wolf men. Werewolves. The wolf in France yesterday and today. This book also addresses some sensitive and debated issues such as the relationship of the human being with nature and with wild animals. Where are we now? Is there a new turning point? Is the human being ready for a true reconciliation with the wild animal?

Christophe Levalois

Christophe Levalois is a professor of history and geography in high school in the Paris region, editor of the website Orthodoxie.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger