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Wolf-Dieter Storl

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Hardback with jacket
368 pages
Numerous illustrations

Gardening According to Biological Secrets of Nature as a Way to an Improved Harvest

• Gardening according to biological secrets of nature as a way to an improved harvest

The garden business is booming. Hardly an inch of lawn remains spared from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The effects of this excessive »plant protection« are puny gardens with few species as well as bare and shorn bushes. The author opens the reader’s eyes to a completely new perspective uniting the entire knowledge of mankind on nature’s secrets, from the discoveries of the Rosicrucians, alchemists and Neoplatonists, the experiences of Indians and the Chinese to the ancient, eternally valid realizations of Paracelsus and Agrippa of Nettesheim. This comprehensive, holistic nature and garden reference book focuses its attention both on planetary influences and earth bacteria as well as fertilizing substances. Clearly illustrated, it describes macro-correlations while offering practical hints, aids and advice from biodynamic gardening practice for all types of work year-round.

Wolf-Dieter Storl

Wolf-Dieter Storl born 1942, cultural anthropologist and ethno-botanist. Former Fulbrigth scholar of the University of Bern, lectured at different universities. Study trips, ethnographical and ethno- botanical field research - in a traditional spiritualist settlement in Ohio, with old and experienced farmers in the Emmental, with medicine men of the Northern Cheyenne, with Shiva Sadhus in India and Nepal - are depicted in numerous articles and books. Since 1988 he lives with his family on a solitary farm in the Allgäu where he is occupied with gardening and investigating the secrets of healing herbs and wild plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger