The extraordinary power of fascias in motion



Sports and Martial Arts

Alexandre Munz

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144 pages
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The SAFE FLOOR method (Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment) is an innovative body approach to recovering deep muscle tone and thus releasing pain in superficial muscles. It is an excellent technique to relieve back pain but also other disorders such as stress or migraines. People who practice it also say that it is a «meditation in action», because it provides a physical well- being (freed spine) but also mental, by acting directly on the central nervous system (which manages stress).

Alexandre Munz

Trained at the Paris Opera School of Dance in the 1980’s, Alexandre Munz, former star dancer at the Berlin National Opera, created the SAFE® method in the 2000’s to relieve his chronic back, hip, and knee pain, as well as his ophthalmic migraines that have plagued him since childhood.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger