The Enzyme Cure



Lita Lee

Square One Publishers

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304 pages
5.25 x 8.25-inch
Fully Illustrated

The medical industry continues to tell us that conventional medicine is the only way to treat all of our health issues. For too many people, however, these treatments do little more than spend money. But there are alternatives. For decades, the use of natural enzymes has been studied and evaluated. The Enzyme Cure is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wishes to learn more about treating health problems with enzymes.

The Enzyme Cure teaches you how to use plant enzymes to help reverse asthma, cancer, diabetes, herpes, kidney stones, menopausal symptoms, weight problems, and dozens of other common disorders. It not only details the enzymes that should be used for each condition, but also guides you in treating many underlying problems through diet and lifestyle changes. If you have ever wanted safe and effective medical alternatives, ever wished that doctors would provide new solutions instead of more prescriptions, The Enzyme Cure is for you.

Lita Lee

Lita Lee, PhD, has over thirty years of experience in chemical and medical research, and has been an enzyme therapist since 1987. An abiding interest in health and healing led her from the chemistry lab to the medical lab, and finally to clinical practice. Dr. Lee uses her strong scientific background to inform her work as an enzyme therapist. She has also undertaken the mission of informing the public on the dangers of toxins and radiation.
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Agence Schweiger