The Curvy Way Of Life



Social Sciences

Carola Niemann

Christine Mortag

Knesebeck Verlag

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16.0 x 23.2 cm
Softcover with flaps
Approx. 240 pages
Colour illustrations


This lifestyle guide celebrates a new awareness: being proud of your curves and accepting your body as it is. Curvy women from widely ranging backgrounds talk about their plus-size life and everything that is important to them – from music and fashion to self-acceptance and body positivity. In addition, experts share socio-cultural insights, for example into changing body images and ideals of beauty. Hiding your curves and dieting belong to the past and have been replaced by joie de vivre independent of your clothing size!


 The best guide in the lifestyle sector for curvy women
 The body positivity movement in book format: a lifestyle guide with practical tips for a new and self- confident attitude to life
 In personal portraits and convincing real-life accounts, curvy women tell their story and call on us to question the beauty ideals of our age

Carola Niemann

Carola Niemann is editor-in-chief of The Curvy Magazine, Germany’s only lifestyle magazine for curvy women. For many years, she worked as a stylist for the print media and TV and as fashion head of Cover. Today, she is also a brand ambassador and public speaker and chairs discussions on diversity and body positivity.

Christine Mortag

Christine Mortag has worked as an author, freelance journalist and lecturer for 25 years. She is a copy editor for Madame and Cosmopolitan and worked as an editor for SZ-Magazin, Stern and Gala. Before embarking on her career in journalism, she was an art director and received numerous awards. She lives with her family beside Lake Starnberg in Bavaria.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger