The breath of Wutao



Sports and Martial Arts

Imanou Risselard

Guy Trédaniel

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255 pages
207 x 210 mm


Awakening the body’s soul

Wutao® is a unique, global corporal art form. It can be performed standing, sitting as well as lying down, and is comprised of 12 basic movements, accessible to all. To practise Wutao is to flow, to inhale and exhale, to expand completely. Movements turn progressively into dancing, gestures into feelings… The body’s soul awakens.

Wutao, as a contemporary art form, is as poetic as it is political. It is poetic because it is sensitive and inspired. It is political because in addition to being innovative and subversive, its sensory-based approach offers an experience of total freedom, releasing the body from servitude and exploitation.

Breathing is an art. A way towards transformation and accomplishment. Continuously, the air comes in and out, flowing back and out again. A door between the conscious and the unconscious, it travels inside of us and outside of us.

This book is an ode to life.

The Wutao art of breathing is:

  • A journey of self-awareness to reconnect with what is truly essential.
  • An awakening to our sensoriality.
  • A human adventure into the infinite realm of possibilities offered by our breathing.
  • A process of love liberating our orgastic flow.
  • A source of inspiration that enhances our creativity.

Freeing your breathing will help you…

  • Regenerate by reducing stress and improving sleep;
  • Get back your vitality thanks by improving your immunity and cellular metabolism.

You will discover you can play with your breath and hear the vibrations of its singing.

Imanou Risselard

Imanou RISSELARD’s artistic journey led her from dancing to acting, where she develops the Taoist principles of the Taiji in her performances. Together, the two of them created Wutao® in 2000 and founded the magazine ‘Génération Tao’ and the Centre d'Arts & d'Écologie Corporelle [Centre for Corporal Art and Ecology].
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger