The birth oracle


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Thomas Piet

Guy Trédaniel

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1.8 x 10
43 cards
108 pages book

Many women and men want to reconnect with themselves and experience the period of childbirth. differently, by being more present to themselves and their baby. These forty-three cards beautifully and their explanatory book will accompany future moms and dads, before, during and after birth of their child. They will guide women to discover the deep bond between them and their baby, to listen to their body and trust their intuition, to welcome life’s surprises and to grow together in this adventure with their partner – since they were composed as a couple.

Ophélie Celier, as a doula and Thomas Piet, as a sonotherapist, accompany together birth plans, pregnancy and childbirth. These cards were born out of their caring and passionate experience of the support of future parents and their wish to share it more widely.

Thomas Piet

Thomas Piet is an author and sound therapist. He also accompanies future parents in their birth project.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger