The Art of Thai Massage



Bob Haddad

Inner Traditions

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288 pages
71⁄2 x 10
165 black-and-white illustrations

A Guide for Advanced Therapeutic Practice

An illustrated guide to enrich and develop the practice of Thai massage

  • Presents guidelines for effortless and effective practice, including body mechanics, breathing patterns, flowing movements, incremental pressure, and exercises to improve sensing and to strengthen intuition as you work
  • Offers ways to refine and improve classic techniques that are often performed incorrectly, explains broad healing concepts behind individual techniques, and discusses the awareness and sensitivity with which they should be performed
  • Answers common questions, clarifies misunderstandings, and presents ways to work with focused intention on a deeper level, and with more grace, ease, and efficiency

    Unlike most books about Thai massage, this guide offers a deep and insightful view of important and often neglected aspects of Thai bodywork. Many of the concepts presented in the book also apply to table massage, physical therapy, yoga, and other healing arts.

    Sharing insights from his many years of practice and teaching, Bob Haddad takes a deeper look at the conceptual, spiritual, and practical approaches behind effective bodywork. An entire section is dedicated to awareness of breath for massage, move- ment, and everyday activities. Assessment guidelines are offered to work with others based on physical appearance, pre-existing conditions, and elemental predisposition. Exercises to sharpen sensing abilities and intuition are presented, and ways to find, coax, and release blockages in the body are discussed. The author demonstrates in detail the execution of twelve important Thai massage techniques that are often taught and performed incorrectly. The chapters on Upper Body, Lower Body, and Flow offer ways to structure a customized sequence for each individual and help therapists to move from one technique to another with grace and ease. Finally, the chapter on medicinal herbs discusses the preparation, use, and benefits of hot and cold compresses, medicinal poultices, balms, oils, and herbal baths, as well as easy recipes for all of these traditional therapies.

    This exciting and valuable guide contains information that has never been previ- ously available in print. Full of exercises and insights to help therapists hone their bodywork skills, this book reveals the key principles that give way to effective treat- ment, and it explores traditional Thai massage with a special focus on intention, aware- ness, sensitivity, breath, movement, stillness, and spirituality.

Bob Haddad

Bob Haddad is a Thai massage therapist and a respected teacher in the field of Thai healing arts. The founder of Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), he teaches courses and workshops in the Americas, Europe, and Thailand and is the author of Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger