The Alternative Way to Travel



Pia Wieland

Tobias Ertel

Knesebeck Verlag

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Paperback with flaps
224 pages
150 colour illustrations


Discover the world sustainably


This book, designed in the modern magazine look, shows how to discover the world in a more environmentally friendly way by avoiding air travel. Twenty authors tell of their journeys, varying in length from a two-day trip to the Eifel region to hitchhiking over the Atlantic or a cycling tour beginning in Stuttgart and heading eastwards over several months. It contains maps for orientation, tips and tricks on the best places to camp, a self- test for measuring your ecological footprint and information on useful apps and websites for travel by land and sea to inspire and assist you in planning your own trip.


Pia Wieland

Pia Wieland studied communication design at the Art Academy in Stuttgart. She also enjoys travelling to faraway countries, drinking in and reflecting on the differences between cultures. Preferably by hitchhiking, travelling as randomly and spontenaeously as possible and always on the lookout for a new, creative project. Both in her everyday life and when travelling, it is a matter of course for her to live and act in an environmentally responsible manner and to fight for a successful climate change policy.

Tobias Ertel

Tobias Ertel is a freelance photographer based in Stuttgart. His work reflects his love of faraway places and nature. Although he has undertaken several overland journeys to distant lands in recent years, his particular focus lies on regional travel destinations, in keeping with the motto "Why seek far afield when there is beauty close at hand?" When Tobias is not travelling or working, he enjoys studying scientific articles on climate-related topics and social issues.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger