TCM organ clock for healthy pets




Li Wu

Natalie Lauer

Mankau Verlag

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Softcover with flaps
13.5 x 21.5 cm
Approx. 160 pages


Gentle TCM-based treatment for dogs and cats

According to the healing tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been used for thousands of years, all life is embedded in the rhythm of nature; its comprehensive holistic healing knowledge can therefore not only be used to treat humans but also to heal pets.

Also our four-legged friends’ organism is subject to the rhythmic processes of yin and yang, of day and night and of the seasons, with active phases constantly alternating with rest phases. Knowledge and awareness of this can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of numerous complaints and diseases that arise from an energetic imbalance.

The TCM experts Prof. Univ. Yunnan Li Wu and Dr. Natalie Lauer explain the basics of TCM and, in cooperation with veterinarian Andrea Földy, explain how you can improve the health and well-being of your furry friends through knowledge of the body organ clock as well as through gentle measures and healing remedies. While the focus of the book is on dogs and cats, other pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs are also dealt with.

An extra section of the book teaches horse owners how they can use TCM to keep their beloved horse in good health.

  • Introduction to the basics of TCM
  • The body organ clock for pets: active and rest times of the most important organs
  • Comprehensive practical section: medicinal herbs, acupressure, healing massages and exercises for pets
  • Five elements diet for cats and dogs

Including the special section: TCM applications for horses

Li Wu

Li Wu, born in 1966, is a professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Yunnan University) and runs a naturopathic practice in Munich with great success. His extraordinary talent was recognized at an early age and led him to receive training at the world-famous Shaolin Monastery in the Chinese province of Henan, which he later continued with medical studies at the University of Beijing. In Germany, Li Wu studied psychology and German and literature at the University of Passau; he has published numerous successful self-help books.

Natalie Lauer

Dr. Natalie Lauer, born in 1981, holds a doctorate from Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians-University and is the author of several specialist books on the topics of medicine, health and wellness. Her content focuses on nutrition, healing exercises (yoga, qigong, and meditation), naturopathy and traditional medical systems, among others. Natalie Lauer lives and works in Munich.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger