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Sonja Meiburg


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128 pages
150 colour photographs
Brochure with flaps
17 x 24 cm

> Gentle dog training through positive reinforcement

> Offer alternatives without scolding or threatening

Based on many case examples, Sonja Meiburg empha- sizes how undesirable behaviours in your dog arise and how you can set limits nicely. She shows you
in the extensive practical section how you can pre- pare an individual training plan for your dog and how you show the dog what you want it to do. x

Sonja Meiburg

Sonja Meiburg has been a dog trainer for several decades and switched to training through positive reinforcement twenty years ago. As a member of the first hour, she is involved in the dog trainer community "Train instead of dominate" and is the initiator of the campaign "Exchange a prong collar for training", for which she received the dogs Award. From time to time she is not only in front of the camera for the video platform "", but also for BR, SWR or ZDF.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger