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Catherine Darbord

Le Courrier du Livre

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The Reference Guide

The essential principles of sound therapy, the theoretical bases and numerous tools, advice and exercises to begin or improve in: harmonic singing, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and crystal bowls and therapeutic tuning forks. Solid theoretical foundations are supported by practical advice, exercises and testimonials.

This book is an invitation to discover the mysteries of sound and the vibratory universe of harmonics. Nourished by the richness of her journey, Catherine Darbord generously shares what she calls her “medicine”. Her approach is sensitive, intuitive and shamanic. She invites us to immerse ourselves in sound to discover its multiple facets, to reveal its harmonics and to offer them to the world.

The author gives us the tools to benefit from the powerful therapeutic virtues of sound, and its ability to re-tune us to universal laws.

Allowing a better circulation of energy, sound vibrations stimulate our self-healing capacities. May they accompany you towards the blossoming of your deepest nature and the expression of your vibratory being.

Catherine Darbord

Catherine Darbord is a musician and sound sculptor, a specialist in harmonic singing and a trainer in sound therapy. She is also a specialised educator and a psycho-corporal therapist. For over thirty years, she has been fascinated by the subtle universe of harmonics that make up sound matter. The effects of vibration on the state of being support her approach. An explorer at heart, she uses the power of sound, breath and energy to lead to a better well-being through different states of consciousness.
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Agence Schweiger