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Loraine Van Tuyl

North Atlantic

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Liberatory Tools to Heal from Oppressive Patterns and Restore Trust in Your Heart Compass

Reconnect to your soul’s innate wisdom with ancient healing practices, nature-based wisdom, and psychological principles–live authentically, nourish your inner power, and be a force for personal and collective liberation.

If you’ve ever wondered what was missing–or felt out of step with the social and cultural programming of the westernized worldview–Soul Authority will empower you to find balance, build your soul sanctuary, and become a powerful agent of positive transformation.

There is a soul authority that exists in all of us, a higher knowing that connects us to each other, the living Earth, and back to ourselves–even as we live in a world that sows division, destruction, and uncertainty. Shamanic eco-psychologist Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, shows you how to tap into this innate wisdom, giving you the tools to trust its insights, hear its voice, and come home to our interrelated collective soul.

Interwoven with stories from the author’s personal journey from growing up in Suriname during a military coup to pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology amid a profound spiritual awakening, Soul Authority is an inspiring alchemical exploration of rekindling the deep knowing that’s accessible to all of us.

Through exercises, reflections, and concrete action steps, you’ll discover:

• How to find your own True North, the guiding compass aligned with your inner truth

• Practical skills for combatting the burnout, overwhelm, and disconnection that prevents us from making a bigger impact in the world

• How to tap into the soul mission that nourishes your purpose

• How your healing journey and collective liberation are interconnected

• How to heal the “ancestral deficit” and “nature deficit” that leave you overwhelmed

• Strategies for grounding, clearing, visibility, and creativity

Loraine Van Tuyl

Hello! I'm honored to offer my guidance in this forum and sincerely hope that it will help you BE (a) WELL so that your wellspring of self-love, wholeness and clarity spills over to everyone around you. I'm a shamanic ecopsychologist, Depth Hypnosis practitioner, and author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening. My second book, Soul Authority: Liberatory Tools to Heal from Oppressive Patterns and Restore Trust in our Heart Compass will be released in the spring of 2022 (North Atlantic Books). I believe that the most effective way to heal and renature our spiritually-arid, denatured patriarchal world is to excavate and support our deep wells of wisdom, dreams, and game-changing missions. My two-decade devotion to awakening sensitive old souls has led to the empowerment of hundreds of trailblazers in psychology, holistic health, academia, the arts, social justice and entrepreneurship. My work has appeared in Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, and Byrdie. I have presented and provided trainings to master- and doctorate level therapists and healers at the UC Berkeley Counseling Center, the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and the Native American Health Center. I've also enjoyed providing meditations and guidance as a guest expert for numerous podcasts, radio shows, and women’s groups nationwide.
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