Shaolin invincible


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Denis Ark

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The martial arts manifesto on gaining life-changing invincible power.
Shaolin Invincible is volume one of a holistic series that isa curation of “nine gates,”which are the most common factors of the greatest and most successful martial artists in history. The information within is distilled from studying legends like zen patriarch Bodhidharma, samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi, and superstar Bruce Lee in conjunction with my own experiences from the past 20+ years in self-discipline, training martial arts & fitness, fighting competitions, meditation, and overall knowledge of health and wellness. The goal is to help readers connect the mind-body-spirit in harmony with these nine characteristics to achieve the ultimate success in life, invincibility.

Shaolin Invincible is the ultimate success handbook for martial artists. The book is a guide that incorporates martial arts philosophies and a holistic spiritual approach to cultivate power in the body that helps you fulfill your major purpose in life.

You will find in this book that the first three gates include:

1.) DESIRE: the reader will learn the importance of having a desire or purpose in life and how to use martial arts philosophies to help achieve it. This phase details the impactmartial arts can have on you physically (through training), mentally (through meditation), and spiritually (through becoming the best version of yourself).The reader will also learn:

  • How to meditate.
  • How to concentrate your thoughts on a specific purpose.
  • How to find a mentor to help cultivate your inner strength.
  • The type of training and mentality needed to achieve your ultimate desire.

2.) PERSISTENCE: the reader will learn the four factors of fitness and how to develop health-consciousness, which helps you acquire the persistence of practicing good daily habits. The four factors of fitness include:

  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Nutrition

This chapter details how strengths and weaknesses in our bodies all trace back to the habits of these four factors. Readers will also establish the key components that improve vitality and may enhance their quality of life so that they can feel and be at their best every day while avoiding pain, injury, and sickness.

The goal of this phase is for the reader to cultivate the body, so it becomes the ultimate instrument for the attainment of power.

3.) POWER: The reader will learn about internal power and how to apply the eastern philosophies of spirituality to their lives in a modern and practical way. I aim to spread a message of altruism regarding one of the most important tenets of Zen philosophy, which is “all is one, and one is all.”

The reader will also learn how breathing and meditation can connect the mind and body to harness and cultivate the internal energy known as Qi (chi). This inner power within the body is the essence of who you are and what you are capable of achieving.The goal of this phase is to help the reader develop their internal power and release it into the world in an altruistic fashion.

Denis Ark

I am the owner and head martial arts instructor, boxing coach, certified fitness trainer, and certified strength & conditioning specialist at Invincible Ark Fitness in Nutley, New Jersey. I teach, motivate, and help others change their lives for the better in every aspect of life. With over 20+ years of experience in sports training, martial arts competition, boxing, strength training, meditation, and overall knowledge of health, wellness, and nutrition, I have successfully competed in multiple National Level Full-Contact Martial Arts competitions. In 2007, I won a gold medal in the Washington D.C. Kung Fu Tournament. My martial arts background consists of Hung Ga Kuen Kung Fu and other styles such as Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Boxing, Sanshou & American Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Arnis, and Grappling (Wrestling & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Lastly, in 2019, after only five years of teaching, I was the youngest member inducted into the Masters Of The Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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