Scanner, Jack of all Trades, all-rounder?



Annette Bauer

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160 pages

Mindful self-care for scanner personalities

Being very enthusiastic, diving into something, absorbing it, acting it out – this is the sort of cycle, so-called scanner personalities live and relive. It is very hard for them to settle down for once, because then they could miss something exciting. These people are in a permanent “production mode”, which can be very exhausting for themselves, but also for those living around them.What are the specific facts about scanner personalities, which Barbara Sher first described? How does their mind work, how do they feel? What is their mission in life and which resources have they got? This information helps both: the scanner and the people around him. As a counterbalance for the unrestful lives of scanners the author suggests practicing mindfulness. She offers a range of exercises that help scanner personalities to better understand and better take care of themselves.


Annette Bauer

Annette Bauer works in coaching and pastoral care. She herself is a scanner and she specialized in working with scanners.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger