Rituals In The Annual Cycle



New Age / Esoterics

Roswitha Stark

Mankau Verlag

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Completly revised
192 pages
Softcover with gatefolds
Full-colour print

Harmonization and self-healing following the rhythm of nature

Since ancient times, the cycle of the year has been celebrated as a symbol of life. The rituals for humans, animals, nature and earth performed during the sun and moon festivals in many cultures have an incredible power to stabilize and heal body and soul. Especially in these times, in which we are constantly confronted with fast change and new demands, mindful rituals give us staying power, joy and peace of mind.

In this book, Roswitha Stark combines the power of traditional rituals with modern methods used in information medicine and quantum consciousness for strengthening our organism and our immune system, for recovering our soul and benefiting nature and the environment. The book provides you with contemplative and effective ritual suggestions for practicing by yourself or in a group for the eight essential stations in the annual cycle such as the winter and summer solstice, spring and autumn festivals, equinoxes. For each of the eight stations, Roswitha Stark has developed two energetic light helpers which take the form of coloured illustrations and templates and are intended to provide their healing energies to participants during rituals. This combines powerful traditional rituals with the new vibration energy transfer approach.

You, too, can benefit from the harmonizing effect these powerful rituals have on your body, mind and soul!

Roswitha Stark

She is a graduate specialist in German studies and an alternative practitioner for healing with vibra- tions, sensitive resonance therapy and energe- tic healing techniques. Moreover she is a course instructor for information medicine, healing with symbols and dowsing. She works with humans and animals. Roswitha Stark is – together with Petra Neumayer – author of the best selling series "Painted Medicine”.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger