Remembering the beyond


New Age / Esoterics

Jocelin Morisson

Romuald Leterrier

Guy Trédaniel

Language of origin

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277 pages
15 x 22
Black printing

Are the beyond and the here below only separated by a veil that can be liked?
Is it possible to consider an authentic communication, exchanges, encounters or rather reunions between the living and the dead?

This book presents a synthesis between :

– the immense mass of data from the Imminent Death Experiences,
– of mediumnity
– of transcommunication,
– the teachings of shamans from the Amazon to New Guinea.

The authors propose to shed light on this vast subject from an entirely new and original multidisciplinary angle.
They postulate that, if the afterlife is an extratemporal elsewhere, communication naturally takes place through signs, messages, synchronicities, which use random forms such as smoke, fog, water, but also computer “bugs”, to manifest themselves in the present moment. As eminent thinkers have suggested, our collective future would thus be drawn towards a point of convergence, which marks the meeting of the consciences of the deceased and the living, the Omega point.

Jocelin Morisson

JOCELIN MORISSON is an independent scientific journalist and author.

Romuald Leterrier

ROMUALD LETERRIER is an independent researcher in ethnobotany, a specialist in Amazonian shamanism and the lantes of visions that he has long studied alongside Shipibos-Conibos shamans. He is the author of several books and numerous articles devoted to the links between science and knowledge from primordial traditions.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger