Raising Multiracial Children



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Farzana Nayani

North Atlantic

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Trade paperback
288 pages
4 B&W illustrations

Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Racialized World

The essential guide to parenting multiracial and multiethnic children of all ages and learning to support and celebrate their multiracial identities

In a world where people are more likely to proclaim color-blindness than talk openly about race, how can we truly value, support, and celebrate our kids’ identities? How can we assess our own sense of Racial Dialogue Readiness and develop a deeper understanding of the issues facing multiracial children today?

Raising Multiracial Children gives caregivers the tools for exploring race with their children, offering practical guidance on how to initiate conversations; consciously foster racial identity development; discuss issues like microaggressions, intersectionality, and privilege; and intentionally cultivate a sense of belonging. It provides an overview of key issues and current topics relevant to raising multiracial children and offers strategies and developmentally appropriate milestones from infancy through adulthood. The book ends with resources and references for further learning and exploration.

GROWING BUT UNDERSERVED AUDIENCE: This is the first book to market aimed at parents of multiracial children of all ethnicities, an underserved but rapidly expanding demographic in the United States. Practical and accessible, it’s a parenting guide that provides need-to-know strategies, information, and tools and will be the go-to guide for transracial, multiracial, and blended families.

PROMINENT, EXPERT AUTHOR: Warm, approachable, and a respected expert in her field, Nayani has both experiential and professional knowledge of raising multiracial children. She is a prominent diversity and inclusion consultant who works with Fortune 500 companies, leads workshops around the country on equity and inclusion, and is a go-to resource for multiracial families.

REAL, PRACTICAL TOOLS: This book presents a no-nonsense real-life toolkit for having tough conversations, evaluating readiness for racial awareness, and how to best support children in developing a supported, love-centered multiracial identity. It moves beyond theoretical ideas to give parents and caregivers the concrete resources they need, meeting parents and caregivers where they are on their individual journeys and inviting them into the conversation.

Farzana Nayani

FARZANA NAYANI is a multiethnic author raising multiracial children. She is a passionate advocate and educator regarding the understanding of culture and race within organizations, schools, and the community. She holds a master's degree in communications and management from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and the esteemed East-West Center, as well as a bachelor of education and a bachelor of arts in psychology and English from the University of British Columbia. As a certified teacher and former TESOL instructor, Nayani has focused on bridging understanding across cultural differences throughout her entire career. In her current work as a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and intercultural trainer, Nayani has conducted research, workshops, and curriculum design on cross-cultural topics for two decades. Her work has appeared in Forbes, DiversityInc, L.A. Parent, the Smithsonian, and on NPR. She is on the advisory board of Multiracial Americans of Southern California, is a part of the CAUSE Leadership Network, advises for the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), and is coaching faculty for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coaching Center at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion.
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