Prehistoric Humans, Fire, Cooking



Hans-Peter Hufenus

AT Verlag

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200 pages
13.5 cm x 21.0 cm
Colour illustrations

The Eating Culture of Early Humankind. Featuring Recipes for Archaic Cooking

• A brand-new perspective on the evolution of humanity
• A thrilling read with expressive images and recipes for archaic cooking
• Scientific discoveries about the cooking and eating culture of early humans

The »cooking hypothesis« claims, among others, that mankind knew fire much earlier than commonly believed due to archaeological findings. What is more, it assumes that it was the art of cooking that made humanity. This scientific perspective is aligned with an ever-growing number of research results which prove that our ancestors were not club-wielding brutes, as classical historiography likes to depict them to this day. On the contrary, our ancestors were social and cooperative beings living in egalitarian societies who were healthier than us and had to work significantly less. Hans-Peter Hufenus takes his readers on a journey through the history of mankind. Mythological stories, personal accounts, recipes for archaic cooking, and illustrations by Zdenek Burian round off this remarkable book.

Hans-Peter Hufenus

Hans-Peter Hufenus works as a lecturer, mentor, and teacher in theoretical and practical training courses on nature dialogue approaches such as systemic nature therapy and deep mythology. He co-founded the nature&healing Institute with Astrid Habiba Kreszmeier.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger