Practical Guide to Ecological Beekeeping (Vol. 2)




David Gerstmeier

Tobias Miltenberger


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176 pages
150 coloured illustrations
Brochure with flaps
24 x 17cm

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David Gerstmeier

David Gerstmeier is a master beekeeper and horticulture teacher. He has gained a lot of experience in professional beekeeping in Germany and Africa. Together with Tobias Miltenberger he runs the Demeter apiary "Summtgart" in Stuttgart. They produce their own Demeter honey, offer beekeeping seminars and give lectures.

Tobias Miltenberger

Tobias Miltenberger is an agricultural engineer and worked for several years in South America and in a southern German educational and experimental apiary. At the Free Institute proBiene, he and his team conduct research for ecological and humane beekeeping. Anyone interested in ecological beekeeping can attend beekeeping seminars and lectures. More information at
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger