Power of Medicinal Plants against Viruses



Claudia Ritter


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128 pages
60 colour photographs,

Natural disease prevention, treating infections and boosting immunity. Harnessing the healing powers of nature

Naturopathy offers a whole range of medicinal plants, spices and wild herbs to help protect against viral attacks and infections, gently and without side effects. The plants’ active substances stimulate the defence cells of the immune system, have direct antiviral effects and inhibit viral replication. This practical guide shows you how you can improve your body’s defences with the help of virus-inhibiting medicinal plants. The experienced naturopath, Claudia Ritter, outlines the possibilities for disease prevention, together with many formulations and the correct preparation of teas, tinctures and other applications using proven antiviral medicinal plants such as coneflower, rock rose, ramsons and many more.

Claudia Ritter

Claudia Ritter is an alternative practitioner, author and lecturer on the subject of medicinal plants and naturopathy. She runs her own naturopathy practice and has already published several books on naturopathic topics.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger