Power Animal Oracle Cards



Tarots & Oracles

Eva Katharina Junge

Windpferd Verlag

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Set with 56 cards and 1 booklet
136 pages
Softcover with colourful animal photografs
10 x 13,2 cm


Shamanic messages for personal life questions

As messengers, companions and advisors, power animals can stand by us in life and especially in difficult situa- tions. The cards open up the possibility to get to know the strength of the power animals and to receive person- al assistance in order to follow one’s own heart’s path.

Due to the enormous expressiveness and the symbol- ic character of the cards, it is easy and intuitive to find answers to questions or to be shown a path for concrete life questions – even without previous knowledge in card reading and interpretation. Get involved with this card game with ease and receive a clear message. The individual “key word” and the interplay of the words and the images on the cards enable us to interpret them intuitively.

Intuitively chosen or consciously drawn – this deck of cards connects with the power of animals. It is able to point out one’s own path of development and open up new perspectives.

Eva Katharina Junge

Eva Katharina Junge once turned her hob- by into a profession and worked for many years as a fashion and graphic designer for large corporations. Her profession- al life took a turn in 2014. Since then, she has been working as a funeral director and assists people in their difficult hours. She still lives her creativity by taking photographs, designing and creating oracle cards.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger