Plants We Love to Hate


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Katia Astafieff


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208 pages
140 x 215 mm

The Incredible Story of Plants that Sting, Burn and Kill!

Most of us have a positive image of plants: they brighten up our gardens and perfume our interiors. They nourish us, care for us and dress us…How can we not like them? We often forget that there are also terrible plants that sting and itch and even kill. Not to mention undesirable plants such as the tobacco and coca plants. Some poisonous plants such as hemlock and monkshood have gone down in history while others attract drug traffickers and some are just happy to cause itching and allergies. Some 25% of European citizens are estimated to suffer from pollen allergies and the proportion is constantly increasing. Invasive plants can also have dramatic consequences for biodiversity and the cost of getting rid of them can be sky-high. Katia Astafieff relates the stories and behaviours of these unloved plants. She helps us to understand them… and maybe like them even more!

Katia Astafieff

Katia Astafieff is Deputy Director of the botanical gardens at Grand Nancy and Université de Lorraine. She is passionate about plants, writing and tra- vels and has backpacked in 40 countries.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger