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Peter Büttner


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384 pages

What is wrong with my child?Is it developing normally? What can I do to make him happy and have a good time? Parents worry about their child. Most of the time, there are amazingly simple answers that take away these worries.

  • Illnesses and injuries: everything important for quick reference
  • Development and growth: what is normal, when do I need to intervene?
  • Everyday life and relationships: understanding and supporting children and adolescents

    The interdisciplinary guide to childhood and adolescent illnesses and conditions.Including: How do I create a trusting relationship with my child?

    Health – Recognizing and treating diseases
    Dr. med. Büttner, explains how to recognize diseases, which natural course they usually take and what you can do yourself to make your child feel well again quickly. As a conventional physician and homeopath, he describes conventional therapy and gives alternatives from naturopathy.

    Relationship – understanding and supporting children
    The second part of the guidebook deals with topics related to parenting. Family, school and society place many demands on you as parents – in addition, you have your own ideas and ideals. Putting all this into practice can be quite exhausting.

Peter Büttner

Is a pediatrician and adolescent physician with additional qualification in homeopathy. He is the father of three children and a grandfather several times over. During his time at the Munich Children's Hospital on Lachnerstraße (now the Third Order), he worked as a pediatric emergency physician, in the pediatric intensive care unit, in the cardiology outpatient clinic, the ultrasound outpatient clinic and the pediatric surgery department.
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