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Petra Neumayer

Roswitha Stark

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58 pages

Healing with the signs of the New Homeopathy. Practical experience, tips and case studies

• The fundamental guide of the successful series ”Painted Medicine”

• Basic knowledge of healing with symbols

Since time in memorial Indian people have used signs and symbols to strengthen power and courage. On injured parts of the body of the iceman ”Ötzi” tattooed lines were found and the scanner at the supermarket checkout recognizes a product by the bar code as well. Symbols, simple lines and signs have been employed in many cultures and since ages in order to transfer information and to activate self-healing powers.

In the middle of the 1980s the Viennese electronics engineer Erich Körbler revived this knowledge. According to it the organism of humans, animals and plants can be influenced on the levels of body, soul and mind in a redeeming manner by geometric figures and signs. The signs work like antennas on the skin and change from there the energy system of the body. They are sketched on hurting spots or spots for acupuncture; with their help information can be transferred to water and healing stones as well.

In the meantime many laymen and therapists have tested and developed this healing system, passed on their knowledge and used it in their daily work partly with astonishing success.

An extensive guide for everyday life and therapy with vivid case

Petra Neumayer

She is a Munich-based free-lance medical journalist, lecturer and author. She has published numerous books about dietary supplements, alternative medicine and naturopathy, one of them being "Healing with Numbers” and the successful se- ries "Painted Medicine” (co-authored by Roswitha Stark). At Natura Naturans, she trained in traditional Western medicine ("Paracelsus medicine").

Roswitha Stark

She is a graduate specialist in German studies and an alternative practitioner for healing with vibra- tions, sensitive resonance therapy and energe- tic healing techniques. Moreover she is a course instructor for information medicine, healing with symbols and dowsing. She works with humans and animals. Roswitha Stark is – together with Petra Neumayer – author of the best selling series "Painted Medicine”.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger