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Danielle Baghernejad


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Trade Paperback
256 Pages

Japanese Soul Food Inspired by Anime and Pop Culture

Experience the World of Japanese Pop Culture Through a Whole New Medium—Japanese Food! With dishes inspired by otaku culture, this cookbook brings Japanese anime and manga to chefs of all levels. Experience Japanese culture like never before. Japan fever has taken the West by storm. Praised for its attention to detail, it’s no wonder that some of the most appealing images are colorfully culinary. From beautifully animated bowls of ramen and curry to cakes and confectionery, Japanese food culture never looked so good. If only you could reach out and take a bite…and now you can! For the anime and manga reader. With our increasing hunger for Japanese pop culture, comes an appetite to match. And with dishes from pop culture icons like One Piece and Naruto, manga and anime can finally be enjoyed in the comfort of your very own kitchen. Whether you’re enjoying Japanese ramen from Naruto or fried rice from Food Wars, readers and foodies can learn about Japanese cooking basics and some new series to enjoy, featuring recipes like: Mitarashi Dango from Samurai Champloo Onigiri from Fruits Basket Yakiniku from Rurouni Ken shin If you enjoy Asian food, or books like The Manga Cookbook, Japanese Soul Cooking, or The Just Bento Cookbook, then Otaku Food is your next read! Japan fever has taken the west by storm, with its exquisite cuisine and otaku “nerd” culture! With engaging storylines and complex characters, it’s no surprise that anime draws the most attention, attracting people of all ages. And some of those obsessions are seen in the food! From beautifully animated bowls of ramen and curry to sweeter delicacies like cakes and confectionery, the food in anime is so detailed, it almost looks real. If only you could reach into your screen and take a bite…now you can! Otaku Food provides recipes for foods seen in the most famous anime films and shows, and teaches chefs of all levels to make them using simple ingredients easily found at your supermarket and in your pantry. Embrace your inner otaku (and spice up your food game!) with these unique yet simple Japanese dishes.

Danielle Baghernejad

Danielle Baghernejad is a foodie and Japanese aficionado at heart. Her dream to experience Japanese food firsthand came true after an appearance on a Japanese TV show, Nippon Ni Ikitai Hito. Ever since, she has worked to make the cuisine more accessible to Westerners through her blog, OtakuFood.com.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger