Organic Roomies: A Guide



Social Sciences

Vincent Ravalec

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36 342 words
360 pages
100 illustrations
14 x 22 cm

For Environmentally Friendly Cohabitation

The very first guide to bring together good deals, tips, and reflections on how to live together. Ecological, funny, inspiring… and vital for anyone hoping to live successfully with roommates! It’s always existed, but the roommate phenomenon has experienced a remarkable spike over the last few years. How to live together? How to organize the shared living space? With what obligations? For what existential benefits? With what impact on the environment? With what mindset and centered on which fundamental values? A relevant subject for people from all walks of life and age groups, much more than an anecdotal phenomenon, the concept of living with roommates can also be conceived as an ecosystem resulting in original living practices for the new millennium. Leading an organic lifestyle is more than growing tomatoes without pesticides. It is also about cultivating a healthy, positive way of life. Here, the author explores numerous practical, legal, and technical options to facilitate all types of co-living projects. Organic Roomies: A Guide also includes many personal stories as well as contributions from specialists in Feng shui, decorative arts, energetics, psychology, urban gardening, nutrition, domestic organization, sociology, etc. in order to provide future roommates with the necessary tools for embarking on an enriching adventure for the good and happiness of all. This richly illustrated book in color has over 100 diagrams, charts, drawings, photos, and humorous sketches, with 40 brand-new recipes designed especially for roomies.

Vincent Ravalec

Vincent Ravalec is a prizewinning writer and filmmaker whose book Iboga has been translated into English by Park Street Press.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger