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Judith Koch


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Brochure with flaps
17 x 22 cm
Pages 304

With Herbs and Traditional Home Remedies. Find and maintain fundamental balance with simple & effective recipes!

Natural pharmacy in spring and summer This book is written for all those who are trying to find their way back on the green road to health. The concept is simple: do away with the things that make you sick and use the things that make you healthier. This book accompanies you through spring and summer and offers a variety of recipes and natural ways to get much closer to good health. Be it grandma’s teas, herbal remedies for tennis elbow, cold remedies and much more – nature provides us with a solution for almost every problem!

Judith Koch

Judith Koch, born in 1964, is a trained herbalist, author and expert advisor to a large trade journal that reports on healing and care according to ancient traditions. She regularly passes on the ancient knowledge about the stories of plants and their beneficial effects on people at lectures. Judith Koch lives with her family on the Rhine and has fulfilled her dream of a large natural garden there. There she plants, observes and tests native wild and medicinal plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger