Natural Antidepressants. A Pocket Guide




Eberhard J. Wormer

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Gentle remedies to help you beat the blues

• Learn about the body’s own antidepressants and those derived from plants

• Mood-lifting nutrients and self-help

The term “melancholia” goes back to ancient times and is used to describe an emotional state characterized by dark moods and gloom which inspired poets and philosophers to gloomy self-reflections. The clinical picture today is referred to as “depression”, and there seems to be a worldwide trend: Besides an alarming rise in depression related to various social factors, the consequential costs are also rising drastically owing to unemployment, hospital treatment and early retirement, for example.

Unfortunately, the health and quality of life of those affected are often carelessly jeopardized because strong psychiatric medicines are hastily prescribed. However, where undiagnosed deficiencies are what causes these mental ailments, chemical antidepressants usually do not have an effect, and their side effects add to the suffering of a patient already struggling with their depression.

This compact guide explains both the symptom “depressive disorder” and the psychological illness “depression”, its focus is above all on numerous non-pharmacological antidepressants which are tolerated well, and on alternative therapeutic approaches:

•symptoms, diagnoses and causes of depression
•opportunities and risks of a pharmacological treatment
• the body’s own antidepressants and those derived from plants

Eberhard J. Wormer

He studied German, history, social sciences and medicine. After his licensure and doctorate he worked as a doctor and in medical publishing houses. Dr. Wormer lives in Munich and today works as a journalist, author and editor. His preferred fields of work are guide-books and manuals, encyclopedias and specialized publications on the topics of medicine, health, natural sciences, history of medicine and biographies. He has already published numerous health guides for an audience of millions, focusing on topics such as cardiovascular, psychological, nutrition, naturopathy, healthy exercise and pain.
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