My vegetable garden full of health benefits


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Claude Aubert

Terre Vivante

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15 x 21 cm
160 pages

How to get the most vitamins and antioxidants out of your garden

Courgettes or spinach? Peaches or blackcurrants? All fruit and vegetables have a beneficial effect on health, due to their protective role against illness and disease. However, some are better than others in this respect. This book explains the best fruit and vegetables to grow to protect our health and to fully benefit from their protective properties. The book also details everything the reader needs to know on growing conditions necessary in order to optimise the nutrient content of the fruit and vegetables we produce, as well as how to store and cook them properly. The fact sheets included in the book review the basic rules to follow for sowing, planting and caring for each fruit and vegetable.

Claude Aubert

Claude Aubert is an agronomist and pioneer on organic farming in France, is one of the founders of Terre vivante. He is the author of numerous books on organic agriculture, healthy eating and interactions between the environment and health. He regularly gives conferences on these subjects.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger