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Kurt Forster

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Permakultur auf kleiner Fläche

It is amazing what can be grown on a plot of land of only 700 square meters and how much food can be harvested!

The author shows how the principles of permaculture can be successfully applied in a small garden. Using his plot of land as an example, he describes vividly and in detail how a normal suburban garden can be transformed into diverse, interlinked small biotopes that enable a considerable degree of self-sufficiency in plant food.

From his many years of experience, the author conveys comprehensive practical garde- ning knowledge. He gives suggestions and tips on how to grow young plants, how to create fertile soil, how to cultivate berries, fruits, herbs, vegetables and salad according to permaculture principles, how to create a moor bed with blueberries, how to grow mushrooms or create a small fish pond, which is also the habitat of many amphibians. And very importantly, it shows how all these and other elements can be combined to create an aesthetic garden in a small area.

The author himself and his wife provide themselves with almost all fruits, berries, salads and vegetables all year round from their home garden, situated at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. The potatoes last for almost half a year; cereals, fish, mushrooms and corn enrich their meals every now and then. They see the efforts for self-sufficiency as an important element of a sustainable economy. After all, those who produce some of their own food not only live healthier lives, but also contribute to a global reduction in packaging waste, energy consumption and transport costs.

Kurt Forster

Kurt Forster, former top athlete and national team coach, is a graduate permaculture desi- gner and specialist for urban permaculture and aquaponics. As a secondary school teacher, he was active for decades in environmental education and also as a green parliamentarian. He has worked on aid projects in India and Sri Lanka. For many years now he has been leading permaculture courses in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, advising on garden redesign and working as a journalist.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger