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Alf-Tobias Zahn

Kirsten Brodde


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144 pages
Four-colour print including illustrations

Does this sound familiar? Your clothes cup- board and wardrobe are getting fuller and fuller and your guilty conscience about the dark side of the fashion industry is getting steadily worse.

But there is another way: by rediscovering old things and upcycling them to create new favourites, you can escape short-lived fashion trends and still be perfectly dressed. At clothes swaps you can exchange clothes you never wear for new ones, and flea markets can be real treasure troves. And if occasionally you really need something brand-new, the flourishing eco/fair fashion scene offers attractive designs at reasonable prices. Or you can hire clothes a promising trend with a bright future.
Kirsten Brodde and Alf-Tobias Zahn show disposable and fast fashion the red card and present their ten-step plan for a sustainable and personalised wardrobe.

Alf-Tobias Zahn

ALF-TOBIAS ZAHN is a blogger and works as a consultant and project manager at Studio GOOD Berlin. He has been writing about green fashion for many years on his blog GROSSARTIG.

Kirsten Brodde

KIRSTEN BRODDE heads Greenpeace‘s global Detox cam- paign, which seeks to address the environmental damage caused by the overheated fashion industry.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger