Multitalent Zinc. A Pocket Guide



Petra Neumayer

Mankau Verlag

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127 pages
Softcover with gatefolds
Full-colour print


Healthy, beautiful and balanced with this vital trace element

• Deficiency frequently encountered in modern everyday life

• Tips for a diet to combat zinc deficiency

Zinc is one of the vitally important trace elements: Various body functions depend on the presence of zinc or are controlled by this element. We need zinc to keep our skin, our mucous membranes and our eyes healthy, amongst other things. During illness, this trace element supports the healing process by exercising a positive effect on cell division and the immune system. A powerful antioxidant, zinc prevents aggressive chemical compounds from damaging somatic cells.

Because our organism cannot store zinc, supplying this trace element regularly is thus particularly important. Lifestyle and diet changes but also modern food production may slowly but surely result in a zinc deficiency. In particular in periods of stress or depression, you should ensure your zinc level is balanced since zinc also plays an important role in the release of happy hormones.

In a clear and concise manner, this pocket guide explains
• how this vital element enters our organism and which functions it fulfils there
•what causes deficiency symptoms and how they affect our well being
• how to ensure an optimum zinc supply and how to strengthen the immune system by means of a balanced diet

Petra Neumayer

She is a Munich-based free-lance medical journalist, lecturer and author. She has published numerous books about dietary supplements, alternative medicine and naturopathy, one of them being "Healing with Numbers” and the successful se- ries "Painted Medicine” (co-authored by Roswitha Stark). At Natura Naturans, she trained in traditional Western medicine ("Paracelsus medicine").
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger